August 2022 curriculum updates

Abridge Academy curriculum members gained access to 20 new or significantly revamped lessons in August! This month we particularly focused on the core curriculum level 1 revamp, which now has all six units complete. Additionally, more lessons were added to the English news expansion course.

Core curriculum

The focus of the core curriculum this month was to complete the first stage of the curriculum revamp. Level 1 is now complete, with our new slides design, extra activities, lesson previews and new lesson topics. In the coming weeks, supplementary materials such as flashcards, homework games and workbooks will gradually be added in too!

English news

Our most popular expansion course, the English news course gained four new lessons this month, all with our new interactive slides format. These are great for improving intermediate level students’ reading comprehension, discussion and debate skills!

Other updates

This month we also had almost 800 amazing teachers join our Social Media Marketing Challenge 2.0, where they worked on their social media strategy for Instagram and XiaoHongShu. After the success of these challenges, we’ve created a new Facebook group all about marketing in China, with monthly challenges, live webinars, videos, top tips and more!

We also published several new blog posts with advice and top teacher insights to help you boost your independent teaching business!

Overall, it’s been a busy month – lots of new lessons and support to help you grow your independent teaching business! Have you tried out the new lessons yet? Did you join the August Social Media Marketing Challenge? Do you have some lesson ideas you’d love to see next month? Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below!

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