Why teach debating?

Are you an online ESL teacher interested in offering higher level English classes? Debating could be the topic for you!

Imagine your virtual classroom buzzing with the energy of students passionately arguing their points, seamlessly weaving through the intricacies of language and culture. Debating is not just about words; it is a gateway to critical thinking, confident expression, and a deeper understanding of the world, while transforming language lessons into dynamic, engaging experiences.

For ESL teachers navigating an increasingly competitive digital teaching world, debating could also be your secret to earning more teaching online while standing out against the competition.

Let’s explore the top reasons why teaching debating could elevate your online ESL teaching business to the next level!

Develop advanced communication skills

For intermediate to advanced English learners, debating provides structured, advanced speaking practice in both academic and formal contexts. Engaging in debates develops language skills by requiring students to articulate their thoughts clearly and persuasively. It’s a dynamic way to enhance vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation – helping students get over the “intermediate plateau” and reach higher levels of language proficiency.

Debating also builds students’ confidence speaking to an audience, including presenting under pressure and responding to questions. Additionally, good debaters are also good listeners – students will learn how to critically listen to their opponents’ points, make notes of the most important details and respond quickly with a powerful counter-argument. All valuable skills for future academic or business presentations!

Teach wider transferable skills

Debating teaches students to use critical thinking and research skills to identify logical flaws in their opponents’ reasoning and research evidence to support their points. They will also learn how to present arguments clearly, using formal English and persuasive rhetoric to convince their audience.

This not only helps them debate effectively, but also write more powerful essays too! These skills are all readily transferable to other academic subjects – from science to history.

Build cross-curricular links and cultural awareness

Debates cover a wide range of topics, providing a platform for discussing cultural differences, diverse perspectives, and global issues. This promotes a deeper understanding of the English language within a broader cultural context.

Debating not only broadens students’ awareness of political or social topics, it can also help students explore links with other subject areas too, while considering them from different viewpoints. For example, a debate on banning cars links into the science of global warming and air pollution, as well as topics covered in geography or social studies classes.

By incorporating debating into ESL lessons, teachers can thus create a dynamic and effective learning environment that goes beyond language acquisition, preparing students for success in a globalized world.

Earn more for your classes

By offering higher-value, specialist classes you can earn considerably more per hour than a beginners English teacher. In high-paying countries such as China, Hong Kong and Singapore, debating competitions are particularly popular, resulting in significant demand for private debate coaching.

Additionally, debating is the perfect choice for group classes – considerably increasing the amount you can earn per hour. Debating teachers on Outschool are charging $20 – $25 per hour per student, so for a class of six students you could take home over $100 an hour.

You are not just limited to teaching students with English as a second language either – there is also demand in native English speaking countries such as the USA and UK for debating coaches, so you could earn money locally too.

Looking for pre-made debating materials for your online classes?

Look no further than the Abridge Academy curriculum, now including our debating course – 30 high quality, interactive classes specifically designed for online debating coaches.

Our step-by-step debating curriculum is designed specifically with ESL learners in mind – incorporating both English language and debating skills learning into every lesson. This gradually introduces and reinforces learning, for maximum results.

Are you ready to boost your independent online ESL teaching business with debating? Join the Abridge Academy curriculum today!

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