Webinar: SuperKid interactive, all-inclusive independent teaching platform

Thank you Ivy from SuperKid for joining us for this webinar introducing SuperKid – an amazing, super interactive and all-inclusive platform for independent online teachers. Even better, it’s FREE to sign up, you only pay when you earn 🥳

In this webinar, Ivy works us through the following features of SuperKid:

  • Interactive co-browser which allows your students to directly click/ move things on the Abridge Academy lesson slides, including on iPads!
  • Collaborative virtual whiteboard system.
  • Upload documents, including PDFs, PPTs, etc.
  • Shared writing and document editor tool.
  • Specialist classroom tools for maths, science and computer coding teachers.
  • Fun virtual rewards and emoji reaction features.

We also learned about the following out-of-class tools:

  • Booking calendar for students to book one-on-one classes and trial classes.
  • Selling pre-scheduled group classes and courses.
  • Payment processing tools, including ability to accept card and WeChat pay.
  • Creating class bundles and coupons to offer special discounts for students.
  • Messaging tools, including direct messages, sending homework and sharing files.
  • Teacher and student dashboards to manage upcoming classes, reschedule, etc.

SuperKid is definitely an excellent platform for independent online teachers – offering super interactive virtual classroom tools as well as all the out-of-class features (payments, bookings, messages, etc) you need!

How much does it cost?

SuperKid offers a choice of two options – the commission model or subscription model.

All teachers initially start off on the commission model. This is FREE to sign up for, and you just pay 15% commission on your earnings (all payments have to go through the SuperKid payment system). This is a great option if you would like to try out the platform or are just launching your online teaching business so only have a small number of students.

Once you have built up a regular base of students, you may wish to consider switching to SuperKid’s subscription model. This costs a fixed £27/ month (approx. $32) and gives you access to all the SuperKid tools, without forcing you to use the payment processor. This means that you can process payments through your own third-party system (e.g. Stripe) to save transaction fees, or you can use the SuperKid payment processor for a discounted rate of 7.5%.

Get started with SuperKid for free today!

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