Webinar: CamSkool video toolkit

Want to boost engagement in your classes with webcam rewards and flashcards, for FREE? Let’s welcome Idris from CamSkool, who will introduce their amazing new webcam tool for online teachers!

What is CamSkool?

CamSkool is a free webinar toolkit for online teachers, with some amazing features to better engage your students in class. This includes:

  • Virtual rewards;
  • Digital props;
  • Interactive vocab flashcards;
  • Text translator;
  • Timer.

CamSkool is still in the beta launch phase, with new features gradually being introduced and improved in response to user feedback – so this is a great time to try it out and help shape the development of this app!

How can I sign up?

Simply visit the CamSkool website to download the toolkit onto your computer. After registering, you can then select the specific add-ons you need from their online store (it’s all free, don’t worry! This step just means you only need to install the tools you actually need).

To join their beta launch program, share feedback and become an official “tester” (with a minimum of one year FREE access to all tools guaranteed), sign up here.

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