Webinar: Gamify your online teaching with Koala Go

Want to make your online classes EXTRAORDINARY? Join us for a live demo with Koala Go founders Xavier and Ben, to learn how their minecraft-style virtual classroom platform will totally revolutionise how kids learn online.

Get one month Koala Go for FREE today, plus 20% off your premium membership afterwards!

Learn how to:

  • Teach with Koala Go: intro to the whiteboard, co-browser and playground.
  • Use Koala playground: an incredible minecraft-style virtual adventure world designed to make learning fun!
  • Sell your Koala creations and offering self-paced educational adventures for your students.
  • Find pre-made activities in the marketplace to save you time.

What is Koala Go?

Koala Go is an awesome new online teaching platform designed specifically with virtual learning in mind. This includes:

  • A collaborative whiteboard system, with the ability to directly upload worksheets, slides, PDF ebooks, etc;
  • A co-browser tool, enabling your students to directly interact with the Abridge Academy slides or play online games;
  • Koala Playground, a Minecraft-style virtual learning world immersing your students in learning through play.

Not a Koala Go user yet? Sign up now for a free trial and $48 off your pro subscription!

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