Teacher insights: Christmas with Claire

Let’s welcome the wonderful Teacher Claire to share her insights into using the Abridge Academy curriculum for some festive fun in class!

As well as teaching online herself, Claire also mentors new independent teachers and runs the Transitional Teachers Facebook group.

What do you love about festive ESL classes?

Christmas is so special to both me and my students! I always go all out for them and they love it! Both my 1-1 classes and groups classes are packed full of excitement and fun.

How did you add a little festive spirit to your classes?

I invited parents to allow the kids to come to class wearing Christmas PJs, a Christmas hat, or glasses and bring something with them that they have that’s special to them this Christmas – I had snow globes brought to class, musical lanterns… the list was endless. The little ones get so excited coming to class wearing all their Christmas stuff!

What Christmas themed lessons did you teach?

There were so many Christmas themed lessons in the Abridge Academy curriculum to choose from!

For my young learners, we used the Christmas rewards activities lesson – build a snowman, decorate a Christmas tree and mystery gift too! Some of my older ones read the Merry Magic story from Brenda’s interactive stories, which was just absolutely fabulous. 

How did the classes go?

The kids loved learning the Christmas vocabulary and activities. They laughed and laughed and truly enjoyed the lessons! Thank you so much for contributing to their fun today!

Why do you choose the Abridge Academy curriculum?

Thank you to Abridge Academy for the absolute amazing curriculum!

I’ve tried out a few curriculum options with my students – and parents have always chosen Abridge Academy because of the depth and content included in the core curriculum. With flashcards, workbooks, supporting resources etc it’s just great!

What are your plans for 2024?

My students have all progressed well this year with the Abridge Academy curriculum, and many have signed up for more packages for the new year. I’m super excited for what’s in store in 2024 – a schedule packed full of students! I absolutely love my job, wouldn’t change it for the world.

Bring some festive magic to your classes!

Are you looking for fun Christmas themed lessons for your classes? Join the Abridge Academy curriculum for free today!

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