Star Student: Shine

Shine, aged 10 and from Beijing, has been studying with the Star Mentor program since we launched in February 2020. She has studied over 300 hours of one-on-one classes with multiple mentors, as well as attending several Star Courses and every members group class to date – definitely a Star Mentor superfan! 

Today, Shine’s mother shares with you their experiences and highlights from the Star Mentor program so far. 

Why did you join the Star Mentor program?

Having previously hosted several homestay tutors, when the coronavirus came we switched to the online Star Mentor program, and would never have imagined we’d have gained so much!

Having already mastered everyday English, Shine was looking to study higher level, more advanced communication. The Star Mentor program definitely met this requirement, with mentors from top universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard.

Their diverse knowledge, experience and methods give students such as Shine significant gains. Every mentor has left a deep impression on Shine and she has liked them all so far!

What has been Shine’s greatest achievement so far?

Shine has written several poems in Chinese before, just for fun. In March, not long after joining the Star Mentor program, she discussed this hobby with her mentor Maya and expressed her dream to learn about English poetry. 

Shine chose the poem “When you are old” by William Bulter Yeats and read it solemnly, which Maya found very moving. They then began to learn how to write poetry together. 

Shine learnt several different types of English poetry, including simile poems and acrostic poetry. For hours after class she was so excited by the results, and Maya was also very impressed!

How have you found the Star Courses?

The Star Courses provide an insight into more specialist fields and topics – Shine has studied everything from British history and literature to how to study more effectively. They are always lively, interesting and informative, allowing Shine to deepen her understanding, broaden her knowledge, expand her vocabulary and experience international cultures.

This unique feature of the Star Mentor program makes it more attractive than other online conversation courses and more fun for children.

What special moments have you had?

One of Shine’s mentors sent her a gift from the United Kingdom – some famous British chocolates, a grammar book and a personalised card. 

Another special moment was when Shine was invited to give a Chinese language class to the mentors, who said they really enjoyed it!

What new skills have you developed through the Star Mentor program?

Shine recently finished the Study Effectively Star Course with mentor Katie. When I was at school myself I never knew about these study methods! What would we do if we couldn’t answer a question? We could only ask the teacher, ask our classmates or give up. Now Shine has studied advanced techniques such as active reading and thinking maps, she will always be able to use these methods. 

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