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This series of classes, aimed at upper intermediate to advanced English language learners or native speakers, focuses on core topics from the middle school science curriculum. Note that it is designed to complement formal English classes, and does not contain specific language instruction – instead, learners can develop their English skills through practicing in a subject-specific context.

Each class is designed to last 55 minutes and uses our interactive slide format – incorporating drag-and-drop activities, quizzes, matching tasks, videos and more.

  • Designed for 55 minute lessons
  • Interactive slides format
  • Homework worksheets for each lesson
  • Focuses specifically on developing students’ scientific knowledge and skills
  • Suitable for teenage learners with a B2-C1 English level

Curriculum structure

These lessons generally can be completed in any order, although some do follow on from each other. They are organised by science subject (biology, chemistry, physics and Earth/ environmental science).

These lessons roughly correspond to topics in the UK KS3-KS4 science curriculum, suitable for middle school students.

Teaching tips

  • There is a LOT of content in some of these lessons, you may find it beneficial to split them over two or three lessons if your students need more time to engage with the topic.
  • Science is not just about memorising facts and equations! Make learning science fun by bringing in realia to your lessons, doing demonstrations or experiments, and encouraging students to ask questions and explore the topic themselves.
  • Your students may already have some familiarity with the topics from their school lessons, or may not. Start your lessons by asking them what they already know about the topic and assessing their existing knowledge to help you know how high to pitch your class.

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