Non-fiction writing


This series of seven lessons guides more advanced English language learners through the basics of non-fiction texts. Each lesson should take around 45 minutes (one-on-one) to an hour (group), depending on the level of your students.

Students will learn key features of non-fiction text, useful grammar/ writing skills, and how to structure / present different styles of non-fiction text (news articles, argumentative text, persuasive text, letters). There are also plenty of opportunities for them to create their own short non-fiction writing texts throughout the course.

  • Designed for 25 minute lessons
  • Google slides format
  • Focuses specifically on writing skills
  • Suitable for upper intermediate to advanced students with a B2-C1 language level

Curriculum structure

There are seven lessons in this course, which should be followed in order:

  • An introduction to non-fiction texts
  • Formal writing: passive sentences
  • Writing news articles
  • Stating a point: the PEE structure
  • Writing argumentative text
  • Writing persuasive text
  • Writing formal letters

Teaching tips

  • Consider setting your students short writing tasks for homework, for example writing their own piece of argumentative text based on one of the topics from the lesson. Alternatively, send them example texts to analyse before the upcoming class, providing an opportunity for them to try and identify key language features themselves.
  • Tools such as Google docs / QQ docs / DingTalk can be particularly useful as places where students can share and collaborate on documents. This could be helpful if you have groups of students working on their own writing pieces, or if you would like to easily keep track of students’ work in the cloud.

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