PalFish Demo Assessment Criteria 4: Content completion

The fourth set of criteria relate to completion of the class content. Although this sounds relatively simple to do, there is a LOT of content in the Hello Monkey trial class (over 30 slides) and so you will need to keep a close eye on the time and maintain good pace.


The first criterion is simply to complete all the slides without skipping any – make sure you click through all of the slides from the very first one through to the end. Easy!

Teaching objectives

You also need to make sure you have covered all the teaching objectives. For the Hello Monkey class, this includes teaching the new vocabulary (dog, cat, fish, monkey, nose, mouth, eyes) as well as the new sentence structures (“What is this?” “It’s a <fish>”). Be sure to continually emphasise these key learning objectives throughout the class.

Activity completion

PalFish also assess whether or not you completed all activities on the slides. Be sure to thoroughly practice the slides beforehand to identify what these activities are and where the key buttons are located. Some slides have multiple tasks, for example clicking on one button to reveal the standard sentences, then clicking on another button to switch to some review questions.

Teaching Guides

Within the app, you can also view the teaching guide for each slide (if this isn’t showing, you will need to click on “TG” just under the slides). This explains what activities you should do on each slide and how to make the most of the learning content.

Make sure you follow the teaching guide closely (even if in real lessons you may adapt your approach somewhat) and also read out any scripts or keywords mentioned – the AI system automatically assesses whether or not you have read these.

Time Management

As mentioned, there is a lot of content to cover in the Hello Monkey trial class slides. Therefore, it is incredibly important to maintain good pace. PalFish recommends that you spend 30-90 seconds on each content slide (excluding title slides or cartoon clips). This pace also helps to maintain students’ engagement with plenty of new activities throughout the lesson.

PalFish lessons are just 25 minutes long, and you should aim to finish your demo class perfectly on time. Once you start teaching real classes, you may schedule back-to-back sessions so it is good practice to stick to this 25 minute time limit!

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