June 2022 curriculum updates

This month, Abridge Academy curriculum members enjoyed 11 new lessons as well as more resources, games and minor updates across the whole curriculum.

Active grammar

Two new lessons were added to the “active grammar” course, part of the ultimate curriculum membership.

A1: Verb – to be
A2: Gerunds vs infinitives

Science boost

Some minor edits and updates were made to existing lessons in the “science boost” course (aimed at advanced learners), as well as two new lessons.

Fuels of the future
The plastic waste problem

Debating course

Two new lessons were added to the debating course, part of the ultimate curriculum membership.

Will AI technology replace language learning?
Is space exploration a waste of money?

2 thoughts on “June 2022 curriculum updates”

  1. Chantel Touryan-Schaefer

    Do you have a timeline for when you plan to complete the Phonics portions? How high do you plan to go – will you include multi-syllable words?


    1. Hi Chantel, thanks for the message! Sure, I am planning on adding the remainder of the level 1 phonics within the next two months (the basic sounds and letters). It will then gradually work up to higher levels – digraphs, blends, long vowel sounds, etc then on to syllable patterns, affixes and multi-syllable words. This is likely some time away though 🙂 I hope this helps! ~Katie

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