How this teacher earns $5k/ month teaching online!

Are you struggling to scale up your independent teaching business? Join us for an interview with Jess to learn how she earns $5000/ month teaching online 🥳

In this webinar, we covered:

  • How Jess transitioned from classroom teaching to teaching online, then to teaching independently;
  • What Jess learned from the XiaoHongShu course (now part of the China Social Media Marketing mastery program);
  • How Jess scaled her business further with group classes to earn more per hour;
  • How to charge higher rates by offering more specialist “niche” classes such as exam preparation;
  • Jess’s top tips for finding students in China and worldwide, through XiaoHongShu, WeChat, Facebook and more;
  • Insights into how Jess uses automations to save time and advertise more efficiently.

What next?

Jess is running a FREE training session next Thursday sharing even more golden insights into how to launch and grow your independent teaching business.

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