FREE Valentine’s Day Lessons!

Are you looking for some fun lessons to supplement your core curriculum classes this week? Check out these FREE Valentine’s Day lessons from Abridge Academy! They each review core grammar points for that level, while teaching new words and working on a fun, romantic project.

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A1: Writing a Valentine’s Day card

Perfect for beginners level students, this lesson teaches:

  • New words relating to Valentine’s Day symbols.
  • How to use adjectives in simple sentences.

Students will then analyse an example Valentine’s Day card before creating their own (which could be for a parent, friend or teacher if they wish!).

A2: Writing Valentine’s Day poems

Pre-intermediate students will love this fun lesson on romantic poetry! They will learn:

  • New words for popular Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • Subject vs object pronouns (review).
  • Double object verbs (review).
  • Simple rhyming and acrostic poetry features.

They will then write their own romantic poems to send to a loved one.

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