FREE Chinese New Year lessons for online ESL teachers

Happy New Year! Want to celebrate with your students with fun and engaging lesson content? Check out these FREE, interactive and educational Lunar New Year themed lessons from Abridge Academy!

These lessons are great for:

  • A fun break from your usual routine with your long-term ESL students;
  • Bonus classes for your students wanting extra lessons during the vacation;
  • Promotional group classes or webinar classes – offer them as a special event to attract new students!

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These lessons are designed for beginner to pre-intermediate students, with interactive activities and fun games to make learning more engaging.

Join the Abridge Academy curriculum (including the free-forever tier) then check out the lesson links below:

Top tips to boost your earnings this Chinese New Year

The lunar new year is the perfect time for promotional activities to attract new students or encourage your current students to sign up for extra classes during the school vacation! Here are some top tips:

  1. Offer a bonus (extra $$$) lunar new year party over the weekend – a group class for your students to learn and celebrate together.
  2. Run promotional events such as group classes, webinar classes or free trial classes.
  3. Create a “happy new year” referral gift card (here’s a FREE template in English and Chinese) your current students can give to a friend – a free trial class for their friend, a free “thank you” class for them, and a new paying student for you!
  4. Make infographics or short videos teaching Lunar New Year related vocabulary on social media platforms such as XiaoHongShu.

Get your free Chinese New Year lessons now!

Join the Abridge Academy curriculum (including the free-forever tier) today!

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