Comparing Abridge Academy curriculum with VIPkid, PalFish, DadaABC, Cambridge and the CEFR levels

Are you an ex-VIPkid teacher looking for interactive curriculum slides for your independent online ESL teaching? Maybe you taught with PalFish before and need to quickly match your students up with the Abridge Academy curriculum, or want to combine Abridge Academy with the popular Cambridge textbook series?

Today, we will give an overview of the Abridge Academy curriculum structure and CEFR levels, matching these with popular ESL platforms. This should assist you in placing any students moving from a platform to your independent classes at the appropriate level!


Abridge AcademyCEFRVIPkidPalFishDadaABCCambridge
Level 1Pre-A1Level 1PF1Levels 0-2
Level 2Pre-A1Level 2PF2-3Levels 3-4
Level 3A1Level 3PF4Levels 5-6Starters
Level 4A1Level 4PF5Levels 7-8Movers
Level 5A2Level 5PF6Levels 9-10Flyers / KET


See the full spreadsheet below or open here to compare detailed level descriptors for the curriculum.

Level tests

One of the biggest challenges with any new student is deciding which level to place them at. There are many different CEFR level placement tests available online, however I would particularly recommend these tests by Cambridge as they are free and quick to do. You could either send these to your students to do before your trial class, or do it in the class itself.

2 thoughts on “Comparing Abridge Academy curriculum with VIPkid, PalFish, DadaABC, Cambridge and the CEFR levels”

  1. I conduct trial lessons as part of the platform I’m on, and I always struggle with trial lessons for children. I was wondering if you would be able to make a level test for Abridge Academy, because then I could make trial lessons fun and consistent. I would know exactly where students fall in the curriculum. Thanks so much!

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