5000 teachers needed – earn $50+/ hour with AllSchool!

Are you looking for a flexible platform – not a low-paid ESL company yet with more support than teaching independently? Perhaps you’re an Outschool teacher struggling to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace? Join AllSchool today – they’re onboarding 5000 new teachers this summer to meet increased demand from learners worldwide!

What is AllSchool?

You may already be familiar with Outschool – AllSchool is the Singaporean equivalent, targeting learners across Asia and worldwide.

You can teach any subject and set your own prices – with hourly rates averaging $30-$50/ hour.

AllSchool is a marketplace platform, not a standard ESL company – therefore you still have total control over what, how, who and when you teach. You simply create your class listings, decide on your prices, schedule class times and wait for learners to enrol. AllSchool helps you out with the tech, marketing, and payment processing. It’s the best of both worlds – the ease of an all-inclusive platform, with the freedom of being your own boss.

What can I teach?

AllSchool is not a standard ESL platform – learners are instead looking for fun, subject-themed or extracurricular classes. Many learners have English as a second language (the majority are in Asia), but they want to enjoy more diverse topics while developing their higher level conversation and communication skills.

Popular topics include mathematics, science, social studies, English language arts, coding, art’n’crafts and more.

You can teach anything you are passionate about!

Class formats include one-time classes, courses and one-on-one tutoring.

Can I use the Abridge Academy curriculum on AllSchool?

Yes you can! Our curriculum comes with a commercial license – allowing you to use it for your own independent teaching and on for-profit marketplace platforms such as AllSchool.

We would particularly recommend the Abridge Academy expansion courses, such as the fun Space Explorers course or Debating course – these are ideal for AllSchool’s group class format, cater to higher level English learners and native speakers, and would make great one-time or multi-day classes!

What teaching platform does AllSchool use?

AllSchool offers a choice of teaching platforms – Zoom or ClassPod (which they developed).

ClassPod has lots of extra features such as rewards, quizzes and more – making it fun to teach and learn with AllSchool!

How much does AllSchool pay?

AllSchool is a marketplace platform – that means that you set your own prices, rather than being restricted to a set payscale. Instead, AllSchool charge a percentage of your earnings – 10% if you use ClassPod, or 15% if you use Zoom. Yep, that’s up to three times less than Outschool takes!

What are the eligibility criteria?

All AllSchool teachers must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:

  • Citizen of the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand (you don’t need to be currently living there though);
  • Minimum one year teaching experience;
  • Desire to engage and inspire young learners.

You do not need any formal teaching qualifications, although a TEFL course wouldn’t go amiss! They also have a fast-track process for existing Outschool teachers looking to join AllSchool too.

What is the application process?

AllSchool is quick and efficient to apply to!

  1. Complete the simple online application form
  2. Upload a teaching demo video
  3. Complete ID verification and background check
  4. Start teaching!

What should I do for the demo video?

This is often the part applicants find most challenging – however, it really doesn’t need to be perfect! They just want to get a feel for your teaching style.

Check out my own AllSchool demo video to get an idea of what they are looking for.

I would recommend recording your demo video using Zoom, as this makes it easy to share your slides and still appear clearly in the video. Your video should be 3-8 minutes long and does not need to show a complete class – you can simply pick out a single teaching section.

Don’t just lecture though – pretend you have real students there, ask them questions and act out engaging in discussions. AllSchool classes are small-group, highly interactive and engaging lessons.

Ready to apply?

Don’t hesitate – AllSchool need 5000 new teachers this summer! Apply now to be at the front of the queue!

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