Chinese culture – food

Chinese Tea

Camp Counsellors enjoying a tea ceremony in Beijing! Chinese Tea Culture 茶文化: cháwénhuà Introduction One of the most famous aspects of Chinese culture is tea drinking, as tea itself is thought to originate in China. Visitors to China can enjoy a traditional tea ceremony at one of the many ancient tea houses, experiencing a tradition …

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Making Zongzi

Homestay Tutors cooking zongzi in Shanghai! Making Zongzi 粽子: zòngzi A traditional snack eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival in early summer each year, Zongzi are sticky rice bundles wrapped in bamboo leaves. They have a wide range of fillings depending on the region of China – from savoury roast pork zongzi in Fujian province to …

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Making Dumplings

Homestay Tutors making dumplings in SHENZHEN! Cooking Dumplings 饺子: jiǎozi Today, we are going to learn how to cook some delicious Chinese dumplings! This is something the Abridge Academy team had a lot of fun trying (and eating!) so we can confirm even complete cooking novices can produce edible results…  The importance of dumplings in …

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