This series of classes, aimed at upper intermediate to advanced students, aims to open students’ eyes to different perspectives and ideas while developing debating skills. Students will learn about different global challenges or topical discussions as well as directly working on key debating techniques. Example lesson Each class is designed to last 45-55 minutes and …

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Non-fiction writing

Introduction This series of seven lessons guides more advanced English language learners through the basics of non-fiction texts. Each lesson should take around 45 minutes (one-on-one) to an hour (group), depending on the level of your students. Students will learn key features of non-fiction text, useful grammar/ writing skills, and how to structure / present …

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English news

Learn English through the news! In this collection of regularly updated classes, you can support students developing their reading comprehension, analysis, and discussion skills while learning about interesting news topics. Although most lessons are aimed at students with an advanced English level (B2 or above), some are also accessible to intermediate level students. Use the …

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