School of magic

This series of classes, aimed at beginner level students, is themed around magic – ideal for fans of books/ films like Harry Potter! Students will develop their English skills and review key topics while enjoying classes with a fun magical theme.

Each class is designed to last 25 minutes and uses our interactive slide format – incorporating drag-and-drop activities, matching tasks and more.

  • Designed for 25 minute lessons
  • Suitable for one-on-one classes only
  • Interactive slides format
  • Fun magic theme, great for Harry Potter fans
  • Suitable for young learners with a A1-A2 English level

Curriculum structure

This series of lessons is still in development. They can be completed in any order, but it is recommended that they are taught in the order suggested:

  1. Personalities and mascots

Teaching tips

  • You can use these classes as a stand-alone series on their own, or pick out individual lessons which link to recent core curriculum topics, thus providing more fun extension/ review opportunities.
  • Ask your students what magical books or films they enjoy, and link these in to your classes! Bring in examples of their favourite characters, magical creatures, stories, etc to make the lessons even more interesting for your students.
  • These classes are intended to be fun – enjoy it!

7 thoughts on “School of magic”

  1. This is a great class! My students love it! The problem is that they want more of these magic classes and there is only one class on School of Magic. I wish there were more…

    1. Thanks for the lovely feedback, I’m so glad to hear your students enjoyed the class 😀 Sure, yep I do have more lessons planned in this series (my students love it too) – I’ll try and prioritise getting another one up within the next few weeks!

  2. Sounds exciting 🤔🤔 Katie, I know it’s an reoccurring theme and slightly boring, but if you have time to put together an A1 “Frozen” lesson, I have 3 little students who would love me forever 😂🤣😂🤣. Just an idea to practice personal pronouns and adjectives 🤓🤓

    1. Ahha I’d love to! Unfortunately “Frozen” is trademarked by Disney so it’s not possible to make an official Frozen class (same reason why this is a “school of magic class” not “Harry Potter class”), but I’ll have a think about some wintery-themed lessons perhaps 😉

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