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Why Abridge Academy?

Try an example lesson

Our core curriculum and beginners level online ESL curriculum resources all use our interactive slides format designed specifically for online teaching.

In this example lesson, students will learn:

  • Vocabulary: six different fruits
  • Grammar: “I like (apples).”
  • Discussion: talking about what fruits you like
This lesson is a vocabulary focused lesson for A1 (beginner) level students, with lots of review games and activities to drill the new words. There are also plenty of speaking and listening opportunities included.

Core curriculum

The core curriculum is a systematic, step-by-step series of professionally-created lessons created by qualified teachers. The lessons follow the research-based Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).

Using our interactive slides software, students make quick progress with their English through interactive activities and fun games. There are over 100 core lessons available, aimed at beginners English learners (levels A1-A2), with new lessons added every week.

Using our interactive slides software, students make quick progress with their English through interactive activities and fun games. There are over 100 core lessons available, aimed at beginners English learners (levels A1-A2), with new lessons added every week.

Niche courses

Our niche courses are perfect for higher-value, more specialist classes with intermediate and advanced students. 

The classes extend beyond the school curriculum by exploring students’ wider interests or targeting specific language skills. Current niche courses courses focus on STEM subjects, reading comprehension, formal writing and seasonal topics. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Abridge Academy curriculum is continually expanding. Currently, we have over 250 lessons in total (including the core curriculum courses and niche courses).

We are adding new lessons every week, so there will always be plenty of content to keep your students happy! 

Yes! Select the “free tier” option above, which provides you with free access to a limited selection of lessons across different courses and levels. 

This is a great way to browse the resources and try them out with your students before committing to a paid subscription.

For your convenience, your subscription will automatically renew each month. 

If you wish to cancel your subscription, simply log into your account and cancel anytime. 

If there is an error processing your monthly subscription payment, for example due to your card expiring, please be aware that you will lose access to the resources until the fee has been paid. You can update your payment details and resume your subscription within your profile. 

Our resources are designed as a kids curriculum, with lots of fun games and interactive activities aimed at young learners. Additionally, some of our more advanced resources are designed for a teenage age range, with more formal styling and topics more of interest to teens.

We would recommend that levels A1-A2 are broadly appropriate for learners aged 3-8 years old with an elementary or beginners level of English. Levels B1-B2 are aimed at the 8-14 year old age group, with an intermediate level of English.

However, these are just rough guidelines – always consider first the level and needs of your students.

We use the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) levels.

Our step-by-step curriculum currently focuses on the beginner to pre-intermediate levels (levels A1-A2). 

Our niche courses cover all CEFR levels, including resources for more advanced students. 

The Abridge Academy online ESL curriculum resources are designed for both one-on-one and small group (typically up to six students) classes. This includes the games and activities. 

You may also find most resources still work well for larger class sizes, however it may be challenging from a class management perspective if you wish for learners to use the interactive tools. 

Yes! Unlike the majority of educational resources companies (who do not allow for-profit use), our subscriptions come with a commercial licence as standard. There are also no restrictions on the number of students you can teach.

You are welcome to use the Abridge Academy online ESL curriculum resources for teaching live classes through your independent online teaching business. You can also use the curriculum content in your marketing or class descriptions. 

Please note however that if you are an agency with multiple tutors, each tutor will need a separate login and subscription. Please feel free to contact us for group discounts. Our system can detect and will automatically block users who are sharing accounts.

Please also be aware that we do not permit sharing, reselling or redistribution of the resources outside of the Abridge Academy site. 

These resources are suitable for any online teaching platform which allows screensharing. In particular, we have tested the resources on Zoom, Zhumu, Voov (Tencent Meeting), ClassIn, DingTalk and Teach with Koala. 

Note that some of these platforms do not allow two-way interaction (as required for your students to be able to directly engage with the games/ activities). The resources do still work very well simply with you moving the elements on the slides on their behalf, but for younger learners who enjoy playing with the slides we would particularly recommend Zoom (using the “remote control” feature), ClassIn or Teach with Koala. 

Please be aware that, due to the interactive elements, you cannot download the resources to your computer to re-upload to your online classroom software.

Our resources are fully compatible with both computer and mobile devices, from the teacher’s end. This means that you can teach from any device, from anywhere!

However, do be aware that some online teaching software is not compatible with mobile devices – for example, Zoom’s “remote control” feature (required for students to be able to interact directly with the slides, e.g. moving items on the screen) is currently only available if both you and your students are using computers or laptops. You can still screenshare as normal and move the interactive elements from the teachers’ end on any device, it is just that your students will be restricted to Zoom’s built in annotation tools only. This unfortunately is outside of our control, please contact Zoom for assistance. 

Yes! Our resources come with a commercial licence as standard. You can teach live classes with any company, and can use these resources in your marketing materials if you wish. 

Some platforms may ask to see proof that you have permission to use the teaching resources, please contact us if you need assistance.

We do not require you to credit Abridge Academy in your class listings/ marketing. 

However, if you do wish to reassure learners that they will be following a formal, trusted curriculum, you may state that you are “using the Abridge Academy curriculum”. Note that we do not endorse teachers and you may not use terms such as “partner” in order to avoid misleading learners. 

A step-by-step online ESL curriculum such as the Abridge Academy curriculum has been designed by experts to guide your students through learning English in a well-structured way. 

Our lessons follow a logical order, gradually introduce and reinforce new vocabulary/ grammar, and include directed review activities. 

Additionally, unlike a textbook or worksheets, our resources are designed specifically for online teaching – with full interactivity and optimised for screensharing (including on mobile devices).