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Thank you so much for joining the free XiaoHongShu bootcamp! I really hope you enjoyed the webinars and learned some useful ideas you can use to help get more Chinese students. I would genuinely really appreciate it if you could write a review about your experience. This is really helpful to help me promote future …

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Active grammar

Important: Lessons marked with an asterisk (*) are available for free tier members. For all other lessons, please ensure you have purchased a paid plan to access. Introduction This course consists of a constantly expanding collection of stand-alone lessons covering key grammar topics. Please see the menu above to find the lessons organised by level and topic. …

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A1:9:3 In the bathroom

Slides Your browser does not support the video tag. Learning objectives Vocabulary: brushing teeth, washing hair, washing hands, drying hair, drying hands, combing hair, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, comb Grammar: using possessive adjectives, extending sentences

Phonics course

Important: Lessons marked with an asterisk (*) are available for free tier members. For all other lessons, please ensure you have purchased a paid plan to access. Example lesson Introduction Phonics sets the foundations for reading and is an essential part of any beginners ESL curriculum. The Abridge Academy Phonics Course is intended to provide more guided …

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Peking Opera

Homestay Tutors painting peking opera masks! Peking opera 京剧: jīngjù Today, we are going to learn about Peking opera – a famous theatrical art form which originated in Beijing! Combining music, singing, acrobatics, dance and spectacular costumes, it is recognised as one of the most exciting performance arts in China. First, we will learn about the …

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Chinese Tea

Camp Counsellors enjoying a tea ceremony in Beijing! Chinese Tea Culture 茶文化: cháwénhuà Introduction One of the most famous aspects of Chinese culture is tea drinking, as tea itself is thought to originate in China. Visitors to China can enjoy a traditional tea ceremony at one of the many ancient tea houses, experiencing a tradition …

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Flavours of China

Camp counsellors enjoying traditional hotpot in Shijiazhuang! Flavours of China 食物: shíwù While your local Chinese restaurant may claim to serve generic “Chinese food” actually in China this is categorised into four regions, eight varieties and five key flavours! Food is a huge aspect of Chinese culture, with large meals out with family, friends, colleagues …

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Chinese Chess – Xiangqi

Chinese Chess 象棋: xiàngqí Today, we are going to learn how to play a popular Chinese board game – Chinese Chess! It actually bears some resemblance to the western game of chess you may be used to, but with a few key differences such as a river running down the middle of the board and placing …

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Making Zongzi

Homestay Tutors cooking zongzi in Shanghai! Making Zongzi 粽子: zòngzi A traditional snack eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival in early summer each year, Zongzi are sticky rice bundles wrapped in bamboo leaves. They have a wide range of fillings depending on the region of China – from savoury roast pork zongzi in Fujian province to …

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Chinese Brush Painting

Homestay Tutors enjoying a painting class in Shanghai! Chinese Brush Painting 水墨画: shuǐmòhuà Introduction Chinese brush painting, a style of watercolour or ink painting, was traditionally one of the “four arts” required to be mastered in order to be considered a true scholar in Tang dynasty China. Painting was typically done onto rice paper or …

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