EduCamp reimagined

We have revamped the EduCamp program to make it even more flexible and adaptable around you.

Accredited TEFL course

Flexible placement

Language learning

Career support

The global coronavirus pandemic has forced us to rethink how we structure our programs in order to focus on what really matters. We realised that you want to develop your teaching skills and discover another culture, but still need the flexibility to adapt to constantly changing travel restrictions.

However, everyone has different goals and motivations for applying. Some EduCampers have asked us about online programs or camps closer to home, whereas others are instead sure that they want to visit a specific country. Our previous system of assigning applicants to camps therefore does not fit with the “new normal” of life in a pandemic. 

Additionally, we are facing a situation where we simply do not know which camps will be able to run this summer. We have had to turn down many outstanding applicants the past few years due to the limited places available, but are committed to making these opportunities more available to all. 

We are therefore excited to announce our new approach to the EduCamp program. Rather than first going through a central application process, before being placed on a camp or homestay placement then completing your training, instead we are offering you a more flexible program tailored to your needs AND at a significantly lower price. 

The first part of your program consists of 120 hours of self-paced and fully accredited online training. You will learn the core skills you need as an English teacher, including:

  • English language and grammar
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Teaching the core language areas
  • Feedback and assessment
  • Adapting your teaching for diverse learners
  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom management

This self-paced course is assessed through a combination of short quizzes and formal written assignments. 

At the end, you will receive a fully accredited digital 120 hour TEFL certificate. After completing your teaching placement (see below), this can be upgraded to an 150 hour certificate.

Rather than being limited to our EduCamp partner camps, we now give you the flexibility to find a teaching placement suitable for you. This includes paid or funded programs, summer camps, experiential learning programs, homestay tutoring programs, classroom teaching positions, online tutoring jobs and more. 

You will be provided with detailed guidance, including information on some of our former partner camps and homestay programs (some of which have an accelerated application process for EduCampers) as well as others around the world. Alternatively, you can even complete your teaching placement online!

Whichever option you pick, we will be there to support you with your application, including offering advice on writing CVs or application forms, acing your interview and making the most of your time on placement.

To support you during your teaching placement and future TEFL teaching career, we will provide you with our PDF downloadable grammar and activity guides, covering all core language areas. 

These will be a useful resource for you when planning your lessons! 

As a major goal of many EduCampers is to develop their own language skills too while teaching abroad, we have partnered with several language learning apps and websites, who are offering big discounts or extended trial periods for EduCampers.

This includes online language teaching companies such as italki and LTL flexi classes, apps like Busuu, Skritter, Hanbook and SuperChinese, and our own collection of language/ culture learning articles. Have a special request or recommendation? Put us in touch and I’m sure we can arrange a special deal! 

Your experience doesn’t end with your teaching placement! At Abridge Academy, we are committed to helping you with your future teaching career. 

We provide all Abridge Academy alumni with support finding your first TEFL teaching position. This includes our jobs boards, CV or application form advice, and guidance on how to find the best position for you. Whether you are looking for a classroom teaching role, online tutoring job or wider careers in the education field, we are here to help.

Our graduates have taught everywhere from Asia to South America – where could TEFL teaching take you?


Already paid your EduCamp deposit? You will automatically be enrolled on this program on the 1st April 2022. No action or further payment is required!

*If you no longer wish to join the program, please ensure you request a refund before the 18th March – see your emails for details.


New or existing applicants who have not paid their EduCamp deposit can enrol for just £99 today. The program will formally start on the 1st April 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compared to the previous EduCamp program, this new version is intended to be considerably more flexible and accessible to all:

  • No formal application process or strict eligibility criteria, with no limitations on the number of places available;
  • Flexibility to arrange your teaching placement anywhere in the world with a much wider selection of camps, homestay tutor programs, classroom teaching jobs, and even online tutoring positions;
  • Total choice in which placements you apply to, rather than us deciding for you;
  • Flexibility to complete the program entirely at your own pace, with no deadlines or fixed placement dates;
  • Lower price point: just £99 (compared to £249 for the original EduCamp program)

It is important to be aware that we no longer guarantee a teaching placement for all participants, instead it is now your responsibility to arrange your own teaching placement. We provide you with detailed guidance and support in arranging this, including accelerated application processes for some of our former EduCamp partner programs once they open for applications. 

On the plus side though, this now means you can apply to short or long term teaching programs anywhere in the world, and specifically focus on those which match your interests and career goals, with total control over where you go. 

Firstly, we would emphasise that there is no deadline by which you need to complete the teaching practicum – so if you are unsuccessful in your first round of applications, don’t give up! If you end up doing something else this year, you can always complete the placement another time.

Additionally, please do keep an open mind as to the type of placement you complete. With the current coronavirus pandemic, it may be easier to arrange an online placement or one in your home country. 

Finally, if you decide not to do a placement at all you will still receive the accredited 120 hour TEFL certificate from your online training with us as well as all the additional resources mentioned. 

Yes! This new program offers you the flexibility to complete your teaching practicum online if you wish. This could be through group or one-on-one classes (or a mixture of both, to give you a broader range of experiences!), voluntary teaching or paid tutoring positions. 

For the teaching practicum to contribute towards your 150 hour certificate, you need to provide:

  • Evidence of at least 30 hours of teaching (e.g. a letter from your supervisor);
  • Self-reflection log;
  • Three assessed lessons, with our simple feedback template completed by your supervisor or mentor (for online placements, you may opt to provide class recordings, for Abridge Academy to assess)

Awesome, great to have you join us! This program will officially start on the 1st April 2022 – full access will be provided from this date. Please keep an eye on your emails to receive a reminder when it all goes live!