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IMPORTANT: The Abridge Academy TEFL courses will be discontinued on 31st April 2023. To be eligible for the accredited certificate, please ensure you have completed your course before then.

TEFL training
Teaching practicum

Online TEFL training

In this course, you will learn the core skills you need as an English teacher, including:

  • English language and grammar
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Teaching the core language areas
  • Feedback and assessment
  • Adapting your teaching for diverse learners
  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom management

This self-paced course is assessed through a combination of short quizzes and formal written assignments. At the end, you will receive a fully accredited digital 120 hour TEFL certificate. 

Teaching practicum

If you wish, you can upgrade your 120 hour TEFL course to a 130 or 150 hour certificate by completing a 10 or 30 hour assessed teaching practicum. This may be in-person or online. Please see our detailed guide for information on the requirements for this. 

Please also feel free to check out the blog posts below with insights from our previous TEFL trainees talking about their teaching placement experiences and activities. Please note that we are not currently coordinating teaching placements directly through Abridge Academy – it is your responsibility to apply for and organise your teaching practicum. 

Resources and guides

Check out our collection of detailed guides and resources to help you with your TEFL teaching. These guides are packed full of activities to make your classes more engaging and educational for your students!

Language learning

One of the most useful skills for international teachers to have are local language skills – helping you get by with your daily life abroad, as well as develop a better understanding of the challenges your students face when learning English. 

We have negotiated a range of special discounts or extended free trial periods exclusively for you! From live online classes to fun apps, there is something for every language and learning style:

Your future career

Your TEFL course and teaching practicum are just the first step! Now it’s time to apply for your first international or online ESL teaching job. Feel free to check out our jobs board for the latest positions and information on how to apply!

COMING SOON: detailed guides and advice on job applications