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Are you looking for a free trip to China through our popular Homestay Tutor program, but held back by travel restrictions? Join our free online Chinese language classes, fun cultural activities and TEFL training now to prepare for your trip!

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Free online language, culture and TEFL classes!

  • My experience as an au pair in Shanghai was awesome! I’m about to complete my 6 months program and I will extend for 4 more. My host family is the best I could’ve wish for. They helped me settle in and they made me part of the family! 
    The mandarin classes were really cool with an awesome teacher. I came here that I didn’t know anything of the language and I have improved a lot through hard work.

    Andreea - Gap year student

    Homestay Tutor in Shanghai 2020
  • I would absolutely a thousand percent recommend this program. It is something that is deeply challenging and it’s certainly the most independent thing I’ve had to do, but it teaches you so many things – not only about teaching English, not only about Chinese language and culture, but it’s also an opportunity to learn many things about yourself and really develop as a person.

    Joe - University of Cambridge

    Homestay Tutor in Hangzhou 2019
  • I liked the fact that I got to be in a completely different culture to what I was used to. I got to try new foods all the time, go to new places, learn about the history. I feel like it’s made me understand Chinese people a lot more. If I need any help, I need to rant or talk about something, there’s always people at the agency – no matter what time you message them.

    Vanessa - University of Manchester

    Homestay Tutor in Shenzhen 2019
  • I had an absolutely brilliant time in Beijing. I was placed with a lovely family with two boys. The host mother I was placed with always made sure that I was comfortable and not being overworked and helped me hugely with my Mandarin as well as showing me around the city. We also took a short holiday with some friends of the family to visit Shandong province. 

    Jacob - Gap year student

    Homestay Tutor in Beijing 2018
  • This is an amazing program and has been such a great experience! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who loves adventures and working with children!!

    Breanna - Gap year student

    Homestay Tutor in Beijing 2018
  • This was an amazing experience that gave me the opportunity to learn so much about Chinese culture. The people from the agency were really lovely and always helped quickly whenever I had a problem – they also give you loads of advice before you go so you feel prepared. I loved the mandarin classes, they became really useful for going around on your own.

    Cicely - Gap year student

    Homestay Tutor in Shenzhen 2018
  • This experience was really an incredible opportunity. I lived with a Beijing family with friendly kids who were keen to teach me lots about the culture. My family also took me on holiday with them around China. I’ve learned so much over 6 weeks and eaten things I never knew you could eat!

    Bryony - Gap year student

    Homestay Tutor in Beijing 2018
  • I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone interested in China. It is a fantastic opportunity to be immersed in a Chinese speaking environment so your listening and speaking skills will benefit massively!

    Adele - Gap year student

    Homestay Tutor in Shenzhen 2018
  • I had an absolutely fantastic time! I stayed with the family and I taught the 16-year-old boy English. We had more or less a brotherly relationship, so far that we loved going out together, playing sports, going to the gym, hanging out together and learning some English.

    Dougal - Gap year student

    Homestay Tutor in Shanghai 2017

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How does it work?

We offer all applicants who have completed the first application stages the opportunity to join our free online activities and training. See below for details of the key steps:

Step 1: Apply

You will need to complete the initial application form and interview stages – this is an opportunity to learn more about the homestay program and ensure you are ready to go once borders reopen! 

Step 2: £40 Deposit

To confirm your commitment to the program, we ask you to pay a small £40 deposit to secure your place. This is paid via PayPal through our secure online system and automatically grants you access to our online pre-departure support and TEFL training package.

Step 3: Join our online activities!

You can now take full advantage of our relaxed online Chinese conversation classes (offered via Zoom), cultural activities, TEFL training and paid online tutoring jobs! This is the perfect opportunity to prepare before you go and meet other incoming participants!

Step 4: Go to China!

Once borders reopen and it is safe to do so, you are welcome to join the homestay tutor program at any point in the future, there is full flexibility whenever is convenient for you (subject to successful host family matching)! Your £40 deposit will be returned upon arrival.

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The homestay tutor program, lasting 6 weeks - 1 year, offers you a truly immersive language exchange in China!