Bridging East and West through Education

Our Impact

As a social enterprise with the mission to "bridge East and West through education", we are committed to maximising our social impact over short term profits. Inspired by our founder's experience studying in China and working as a teacher in the UK, we aim to:

Goal 1:

Cultural relations

In the current world climate, it is critical to build international links. By providing cultural experiences and networking opportunities for young people in Europe and Asia, we hope to develop a better understanding between our countries. We do this through:

Goal 2:

Language learning

Currently, the UK has the lowest linguistic skills in Europe, with Mandarin Chinese identified as a key language for the future. We aim to introduce international participants to the Chinese language while also providing quality English practice opportunities for children across Asia. We do this through:

Goal 3:

Inspiring teachers

There is a severe shortage of teachers here in the UK with low numbers of applicants to the profession and high drop-out rates. Additionally, many UK teachers struggle to teach the linguistically diverse range of children in classrooms today. We hope to inspire the next generation of teachers while also supporting existing teachers developing their skills teaching children for whom English is an additional language. We do this by:

Furthering our impact

Additional Initiatives

Although we focus on the above three goals, we also work on our social and environmental impact in a number of other areas.

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi


We offset all business travel and our employees’ personal carbon footprints. Not only that, but we also carbon offset our camp counsellor and homestay tutor’s flights too!


We are passionate about making our programs financially accessible to all, including industry-leading travel funding and a significant number of scholarships and grants each year.