Online Tutoring Bootcamp

Do you want to stand out as an online tutor, get hired and attract high paying students?

Do you want to have a greater impact and excel at teaching online?

Do you want to get hired by leading agencies or set up your own business? 

Why apply for the
Online Tutoring Bootcamp program?

Online Training Programs

Learn everything from core tutoring skills and advanced online teaching techniques, to how to attract students or launch your own online education business!

Job Application Coaching

Maximise your application success with fast-track applications for online tutoring jobs, step-by-step guidance and personal coaching to help you get hired!

What do our graduates say?

Online Tutor at iTutorGroup
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Perfect TEFL for teaching online and face to face classroom. Supportive staff and fully accredited. Working as an online tutor now. Perfect. Thank you Abridge academy for my TEFL and the support!
Homestay Tutor in China
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As a current tutor, some of the curriculum I was able to learn during my time, but most of the content was new for me! This gave me new ideas to try, and new methods for teaching. This course was very helpful and insightful.

Featured Courses

What does the program include?

Specialised mini courses

Our mini courses, packed full of directly implementable ideas yet designed to fit into your coffee breaks, develop advanced tutoring skills in areas such as:

  • Online teaching technologies
  • Educational activities for online learning
  • Getting hired by top online agencies
  • Attracting students independently 
  • Scaling your online education business 

Career Support and Coaching

Receive individual coaching on online tutoring job applications or how to launch your own online teaching business. 

This includes personalised advice on the most appropriate companies/ agencies to apply to along with mentoring through the whole application process, or individual support launching your own online education business – from website design to marketing and scale-up strategies.

How do I become an
Abridge Accredited Tutor?

The Abridge Accredited Tutor certification (launching summer 2021) is an optional qualification which online tutoring bootcamp members may work towards. This provides you with a certificate recognising you as a truly outstanding tutor, having met our stringent criteria.

The Abridge Accredited Tutor certification is highly valued by students, parents and employers as it demonstrates that you have met industry-leading standards for online teachers and have verified experience, qualifications and reviews. 

Online Access Anywhere Icon
Online training

You will need to complete 100 credits of online mini courses across a range of topics to develop your advanced online teaching skills.

2 Bonus Flow Classes
Teaching practicum

You are required to demonstrate at least 50 hours of online teaching experience and create a portfolio of evidence against our online teacher standards.

Goal Icon
Teaching assessments

Submit three recorded classes for assessment and receive individual feedback to improve your teaching skills.

Certificate Icon
Qualification and review verification

Finally, you should submit evidence of relevant qualifications and student reviews for verification by the Abridge Academy team.


Our goal is to empower tutors by providing an affordable yet high quality online training and (optional) tutor accreditation certification. 

Choose either to take the online tutoring bootcamp as a program on its own, or bundle with our accredited 120 hour TEFL course to gain a recognised English teaching qualification. 


Bootcamp Only


Bootcamp + TEFL


Optional accreditation

Frequently Asked Questions

The online tutoring bootcamp is for any online tutor serious about developing their teaching skills – whether you are just starting out or highly experienced.

The program is very flexible around your needs and designed with the diverse range of online tutoring positions available in mind. Simply pick and choose the online mini courses relevant to you.

Absolutely not! We started off focusing on online EFL tutoring as there are a large number of opportunities available in this area and many less experienced teachers who require additional support.

However, the majority of our online courses are not subject specific, and we are launching new courses directly related to other subjects such as maths/ science teaching or even university/ job application mentoring – a great opportunity for you to branch out into new niches with less competition and higher income potential. 

The program is an ongoing program which provides you with access to training, tutoring opportunities and mentoring for a one-time fee of £29. There is no set duration or time limit.

There are a small number of online teacher bootcamps available online, which offer to teach you how to get hired or build your own online tutoring business. However, these tend to focus on just one niche aspect (e.g. marketing or curriculum design), rather than genuinely developing your online teaching skills. Additionally, they are often very short and intensive rather than providing you with longer term support. 

The Abridge Academy Online Tutoring Bootcamp differs in that:

  • We provide you with the flexibility to select mini courses specific to your needs
  • We support online teachers and tutors of a range of subject areas, not just online ESL tutors
  • You can participate at your own pace, with no pressure or deadlines
  • We provide you with one-on-one coaching and individual support
  • You can apply for the Abridge Accredited Tutor certification (coming soon), which recognises the very best online teachers and proves your skills, experience and qualification to students, parents and employers

The Online Tutoring Bootcamp program includes access to a huge (and expanding!) range of self-paced mini courses developed by qualified and experienced instructors.  These cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Online tutoring basics – everything you need to get started
  • Teaching methodologies and approaches for EFL and subject teachers
  • Online teaching technologies
  • Advanced online teaching techniques
  • Teaching English for specific purposes – from IELTS exam preparation to business English
  • Getting hired and attracting students with popular online tutoring platforms
  • Setting up your own online education business – from website development and marketing to strategies to scale up in the longer term

Currently, a small number of introductory courses are already available, with more being released every month.

Courses are generally video-based, including a series of short video clips summarising key ideas. These are accompanied by written summaries, often with additional information, examples (e.g. lesson plans or activities) or further reading. Learners are encouraged to engage with short discussion activities via the course discussion forums, and complete a self-marking quiz to complete the course. 

Each mini course is designed to last around 30 minutes – easy to fit in around your busy schedule!

You will receive a pdf certificate after successful completion of each mini-course, which is a great way to demonstrate your achievements. Each pdf certificate includes a unique code which can be used by employers to verify its authenticity.

If you achieve the Abridge Accredited Tutor certification, you will receive a free pdf certificate and can also choose to purchase an embossed paper certificate for a small additional fee.

For the Abridge Accredited Tutor certification, you are required to demonstrate 50 hours of online teaching practice and complete a portfolio of evidence against our online teacher standards.

We offer the opportunity to complete an online tutoring practicum with our charity partners. There is no additional fee for this opportunity. It is a great way for inexperienced tutors to develop your skills, particularly given that the majority of online tutoring jobs now require previous online teaching experience. 

Alternatively, you can complete the 50 hours practicum through your own online teaching or tutoring. Please ensure you can provide evidence of these teaching hours – for example via a print out of completed lessons.

The Online Tutoring Bootcamp program is designed for tutors from a wide range of backgrounds and existing experiences/ qualifications, and we do not operate a competitive application process. 

However, the Abridge Accredited Teacher certification is a higher level qualification recognising the most outstanding online teachers in the industry. If you wish to pursue this accreditation, you will need to demonstrate that you have met the Abridge online teacher standards and truly excelled as an online teacher. 

The Abridge Accredited Tutor certification typically takes 1-3 months for more experienced online educators to complete. 

If you are just starting out as an online tutor, a more realistic target would be 6-12 months if you are committed to developing your skills and experience during this time. We provide a high level of mentoring and support to help you achieve this goal. 

The Abridge Accredited Teacher certification is designed to recognise the very best online teachers and so there is a stringent assessment process all applicants must complete. Therefore, we do not guarantee that you will be successful in achieving this qualification. However, we do provide a high level of support and guidance to support you.

The Abridge Accredited Teacher certification is designed to recognise the very best online teachers to help you stand out to students, parents and employers. It is not intended as a teaching qualification in its own right, and therefore we do not expect governments or visa authorities to recognise the certification for official purposes. 

Instead, the certification should be seen as a supplementary award (similar to chartership for engineers or accountants). We require applicants to demonstrate that they have appropriate qualifications and experience as part of the application process.