Homestay Onboarding

Homestay Onboarding Hub

Welcome to the Homestay Tutor program – we are delighted to have you join us! This “onboarding hub” is a central place where you can check the next steps to complete the application process and be fully prepared before you go. 

Welcome to the program!

The Homestay Language Exchange program is offered by Abridge Academy in partnership with Lopair, the leading au pair agency in China with an excellent track record supporting homestay tutors since 2011. 

The Homestay Tutor program is a fantastic opportunity for you to share your English language skills with the children of your host family, while also joining professional Chinese classes and fun cultural activities. 

1. Initial Deposit

Payment of your initial £40 deposit will give you access to the following:

2. Profile Completion

Here you can find a summary of the important documents to complete your profile! Please find more information and the forms here and email us with your documents once they are complete. 

3. Document Collection

These last few documents may take some time to prepare so please get started on them as soon as possible! You may move on to the family matching stage in the meantime, but cannot have your match confirmed until these are complete.

4. Family Matching

In the family matching stage, you are paired with your future host family in order to confirm your place on the program.

5. Pre-departure Preparations

Once your flight deposit/ fee has been paid, you will be guided through the final preparation stages! 

6. Enjoy Your Adventure!

We hope you have an incredible time on the homestay language exchange program in China! Here are some of the key features you can expect.

7. Post-program

Upon completion of your program, you are welcome to take advantage of these opportunities!