Emma – Homestay Tutor Beijing

How was your experience on the program?

This is my first time going abroad on my own. In addition, it is for 3 months, and I am about a month in already. I met some great new people and made new friends as well.

It is a unique experience and no one will have the same exact experience.

Why did you choose the EduCare program?

I chose this program because it offered an opportunity to experience a different culture and language. This program also offers a chance to use the knowledge I have gained from my education and put it into practice.

I have recently been interested in learning Mandarin, and I also wanted to be able to assist someone learn English as a second language. This program enabled me to improve my Chinese as well as learn from teaching the child.

How was the local support?

The webinar for the pre-departure was very helpful and insightful. 

The Program Coordinator assisted me by answering questions and concerns about interactions with families, cultural differences, and other questions via WeChat. Having the Program Coordinator made the transition into the host family very smooth.

What does an average day/week look like as a participant of the EduCare program?

An average day consists of 5 hours or so teaching the host child English.

Some mornings, I have my Chinese language classes. During the afternoon, I’d sometimes wander the streets near the neighbourhood or just go for a walk. If anyone is available at the same time, we try to meet up.

What did you learn from taking part in the EduCare program?

My biggest fear was to be more outgoing and be more of an extrovert. I’m not very adventurous, and it is my first time travelling abroad alone.

However, as I have travelled half way around the world, it seems silly of me to try and stay inside when I’m in a different country. So, I’m making more of an effort to travel around nearby cities.

At first, I’d want to be with a friend when exploring, but now I feel confident enough to venture on my own without the need of another to be present.

Would you recommend the program to a friend and why?

I believe this is a great opportunity to see and experience a different language and culture. This program also offers a chance to meet new people and make lifelong friends. You also will have great stories to tell to your friends and family back home.