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Introduction to Teaching Online - 10 Hours

TEFL Teaching Methodologies - 20 Hours

Active Learning Activities - 10 Hours

Assessment and feedback - 10 Hours

Teaching the Core Language areas - 20 Hours

Planning outstanding lessons - 10 Hours

Designing a series of lessons - 10 hours

Adapting your teaching for different learners - 10 Hours

Attracting students and mastering trial classes - 10 Hours

Starting your online tutoring career - 10 Hours

Online Teaching Practicum - 30 Hours

What Our Learners say

Perfect TEFL for teaching online - supportive staff and fully accredited. Working as an online tutor now. Perfect.


This gave me new ideas to try, and new methods for teaching. This course was very helpful and insightful.


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Beta Testing

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Beta testing program: November 2020 - January 2021 (12 weeks, 15 hours/ week)

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