This specialist course leads to the awarding of the following OTTSA accredited qualification: 

70 hours Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate with a specialisation in teaching one-on-one

Designed specifically with the needs of au pairs and homestay tutors in mind, this course prepares you to become an outstanding English tutor as well as the best mentor, sibling and role model to your students. 

The Au Pair TEFL Course is also an invaluable qualification for your future career, providing key knowledge and skills valued by employers for jobs in private tutoring, coaching or mentoring. 


Designed specifically for the needs of au pairs and homestay tutors


Individual email support, online forums and monthly webinars


No time limits, instant assignment feedback and certification

"As a current au pair, some of the curriculum I was able to learn during my time as an au pair, but most of the content was new for me! This gave me new ideas to try, and new methods for teaching. This course was very helpful and insightful."
Ali Anne
Au Pair in China

Activity guides

Often the biggest challenge of being an au pair or homestay tutor is simply coming up with new activity ideas to engage your host children! 

Your TEFL course comes with the following activity packs and guides to get you started:

Entry Requirements

Acceptance into one of the following approved partner programs:


Independent candidates may enrol if they meet all of the following. If you are unsure, please contact us before purchasing.


Focused on the needs of au pairs and homestay tutors, this specialised course offers an introduction to Teaching English one-on-one as well as top tips to help you settle into your host family. 

Lessons combine video and written content, accessible on both computer and mobile devices. The course is assessed through a combination of interactive quizzes, lesson participation and short written assignments.


  • TEFL course introduction
  • The role of an au pair or homestay tutor
  • Being a role model, older sibling and mentor to a child

Teaching basics

  • Using activities and games for learning
  • Structuring a lesson
  • Adapting for different age groups

TEFL Teaching Methodologies

  • Communicative language teaching
  • Task-based language learning
  • Active learning and total physical response

Teaching the core language areas

  • Teaching speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar
  • Teaching early phonics
  • Teaching creativity and culture

Feedback and assessment

  • Assessment for learning
  • Tracking and demonstrating progress

Settling into your host family

  • Living with a host family
  • Setting a good first impression
  • Routine and time management

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