180 Hour TEFL with practicum


Gain real hands-on teaching experience - highly valued by employers


One-on-one tutor support, discussion forums and optional webinars


Accredited and moderated by OTTSA to ensure quality teaching

What do Our Learners say?

Teaching practicum

Building on our expertise running summer camp TEFL programs in Asia, this integrated teaching practicum provides you with the real-life, hands-on teaching experience employers are looking for. What’s more, you could do your practicum anytime, anywhere – online, in your home country or abroad!

Why choose abridge academy?

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for an exciting gap year teaching while travelling the world; a student needing a flexible side hustle; a career changer looking to swap office politics for inspiring future generations; or an experienced teacher wanting to take your career international – TEFL is for you!

Online Course

Complete the course at your own pace on any device through our advanced online learning platform!

Guides and resources

Receive six downloadable activity guides, access to example lesson plans, and an in-depth grammar guide!


Our course is fully accredited and externally moderated by the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Authority


Receive access to individual tutor support, personalised assignment feedback and ongoing job application guidance


This course is broken into twelve modules, working you through from the fundamentals of TEFL teaching to how to prepare your own lessons then putting that into practice during the teaching practicum. 

  • TEFL course introduction
  • Studying with Abridge Academy
  • Why become a TEFL teacher?
  • The role of a TEFL teacher
  • Understanding learner motivations
  • English in a global context
  • An overview of English grammar
  • Parts of speech
  • Verb tenses and conjugations
  • Sentence structures
  • Punctuation
  • Introduction to language teaching methodologies
  • Communicative language (CLT)
  • Structuring a CLT lesson – the PPP approach
  • CLT in practice
  • Task-based language learning
  • Example task-based language lessons
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  • The 4 C’s framework
  • CLIL in practice
  • An example CLIL lesson
  • What is experiential learning?
  • Communication in experiential learning environments
  • Learning English through projects and activities
  • Learning English outside
  • Teaching transferable skills
  • Reflection and consolidating progress
  • Maximising English learning in informal environments
  • Introduction to active learning
  • Learning styles
  • Using activities and games in the classroom
  • Total Physical Response (TPR)
  • Deepening learning with thinking maps
  • Teaching receptive skills: listening and reading
  • Teaching productive skills: speaking and writing
  • Teaching vocabulary and grammar
  • Teaching phonics
  • Teaching culture
  • Introduction to feedback and assessment
  • Assessment for learning – formative assessment
  • Providing high quality feedback
  • Assessment of learning – summative assessment
  • Tracking and demonstrating progress
  • Differentiation – adapting your teaching for different abilities
  • Teaching mixed ability classes
  • Understanding childhood development
  • Teaching adult learners
  • Teaching students with special educational needs
  • Introduction to lesson planning
  • Preparing for lesson planning
  • ESA lesson structure
  • Collecting and adapting resources
  • Writing a lesson plan
  • Assignment: Lesson plan
  • Medium term planning
  • Building links between lessons
  • Assignment: Medium term plan
  • Introduction to classroom management
  • Classroom layout
  • Classroom presence
  • Classroom rules and expectations
  • Teaching large classes
  • Working effectively with teaching assistants
  • Working effectively with your school
  • Communication in the immersive language classroom
  • Finding a suitable teaching practicum
  • Application top tips
  • Making the most of your teaching practicum
  • Assessment: mentor feedback and self-reflection log
  • Career opportunities for TEFL teachers
  • Course completion

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not operate a formal application process not impose strict criteria, anyone is welcome to sign up. However, to make the most of this course, we recommend that you:

  • Have at least an upper intermediate (B2) level of English
  • Have completed high school education
  • Are self-motivated and confident learning online

Please be aware that this course is taught entirely in the English language and requires you to write formal assignments in English in order to pass the course. 

Note that many TEFL employers will impose higher requirements if you wish to apply for jobs with them. Often this is due to local visa requirements, for example they may require a university degree and/ or that you come from a native English speaking country. However, there are still plenty of opportunities available for non-native speakers or those without a degree if you are willing to be flexible. You are still welcome to complete this course, and we are willing to support you finding suitable job positions to apply for. 

Support is provided via:

  • One-on-one email correspondence with the course tutor
  • Individual feedback on your lesson planning assignments
  • Ad-hoc live webinars (optional) on TEFL topics
  • Peer discussion forums, which are also monitored by the course tutors

This course is assessed through a combination of:

  • Automated quizzes containing multiple choice, sorting and gap fill questions
  • Two formal written assignments (a lesson plan and a medium-term plan)
  • Mentor lesson observation feedback and self-reflection logs during your teaching practicum

A score of 70% or above is required to pass. 

We give you the flexibility to find a teaching practicum which fits in around your schedule and interests. Full guidance is provided within the course as to the requirements of this teaching practicum, and we encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions. 

To assist with this, we offer a list of suggested teaching practicum providers, including many opportunities our previous TEFL course participants have used for their own teaching practicum. This includes short-term teaching opportunities (e.g. summer/ winter camp programs) in countries around the world, online teaching opportunities, volunteering programs, and paid positions. 

If you wish to independently source your own teaching practicum, we will also provide you with assistance in finding and applying to suitable opportunities. 

This course has been fully accredited by the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Authority (OTTSA) and meets the 120 hour requirement of most TEFL employers. Our TEFL graduates are now teaching online and around the world, including in popular TEFL destinations across Asia, Europe and South America.

However, it is important to be aware that it is ultimately the decision of each employer and visa issuing authority whether or not to recognise your TEFL certificate, as is the case with all qualifications.

There is no time limit to complete this course. 

This course includes a free e-certificate, recognised by the vast majority of employers. You will receive this immediately after course completion, so no need to wait for postal delays! Your certificate includes a verification code, which employers can use to check your certificate details via our website. 

If you require a hard copy of your certificate, we offer an embossed and hand-signed version for a small additional fee.